Future Innovators Summit 2019 at 2019 Ars Electronica Festival (Austria)

Future Innovators Summit (FIS) is a special and comprehensive workshop format within the Ars Electronica Art Thinking School program. Future Innovators from different cultures and backgrounds and from different fields – such as artists, designers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, social activists and philosophers – will gather at the Ars Electronica Festival to explore new ways of collective brainstorming on the crucial questions for humanity, and to create future scenarios.

This workshop, jointly developed by Ars Electronica Futurelab and Hakuhodo – a leading communication design firm in Japan – offers time and space to think, and aims to look for the ultimate Creative Question which will lead us to think about Missions for Tomorrow, rather than merely finding solutions for problems of today.

Under the theme of the 40th Ars Electronica Festival “Out of The Box – the Midlife Crisis of the Digital Revolution”, FIS2019 will tackle a “Box” of entrenched problems in highly digitalized society, raise questions about things that were taken for granted, and develop a scenario for a better future to free ourselves from the “Box.”

The organisers are looking for Future Innovators as Art Thinkers, who are interested to dive deep into the following three main topics of FIS2019 at the Ars Electronica Festival: future trust, future body and future humanity. 

All selected Future Innovators for FIS2019 will be invited to Ars Electronica Festival, September 5-9, 2019 and will receive the following benefits:

  • Travel & accommodation

  • Full festival pass including Ars Electronica Gala ticket

  • Participation in networking dinner and events

Deadline: 17 June 2019

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