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Since the inauguration in 2015, the Pier-2 Artist-in-Residence Program (hereafter referred to as PAIR) has organized step by step its operating team and established artist-in-residence procedures, actively connecting the community and the campus, and promoting public art education to the citizen. Considering PAIR a hub of the international exchange, we strive to achieve and keep asking ourselves questions like: what is the role of PAIR? What can it contribute to the Pier-2 Art Center and to the city?

In response to these questions, the organisers propose a reflexive concept for the next stage of PAIR-- “RePAIR” as the problematic starting from 2020. 

For 2020, the organisers designate “RePAIR” as the problematic and “ocean” as the topic. The idea is both to fix and restore, to make what is broken work again, and to re-arrange, to “re-pair” interdisciplinary elements to inspire cross-boundary artistic practices.

Individuals and groups that engage in art creation in Taiwan and abroad may file an application; no restrictions are set on the types of creation or to any nationality. The offer is open to local and international artists and groups, student artists should at least have master degree.
Applicants must have at least 2 years of experience or professional practice, and able of communicating in English during the residency.


1. Studio and living space.
2. An area and opportunities for art exchanges.
3. Roundtrip economic class airline tickets or roundtrip assigned-seating Taiwan High Speed Rail tickets. (proof required for reimbursement)
4. A daily living allowance of NT$500 (Date of departure is not included)
5. Material fees for the residency plan and the workshop plan; the maximum
NT$35,000 (valid receipts required for the reimbursement)
6. Each artist will be assigned a project manager for assisting residency schedule.

Deadline: 11 August 2019

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