Call for Web Residencies by Solitude & ZKM (»Rigged Systems,« curated by Jonas Lund)

The history of most technologies shows that those with power find ways to harness the power of new technologies and turn it into a means to further their own power. So how do you respond to this situation, to an eroding political system, the simplification, flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers and a society influenced by detailed models of behaviors, of opaque algorithms with murky incentives, to persuasive behavioral scientists that know how you respond to certain messages better than you do yourself, and to the power brokers and owners of the datasets?

The Rigged System open call is looking for submissions that aim to subvert the power structures in contemporary network systems and corporations. Works that wish to reclaim a sense of agency within the systems where it feels like there is none. What would suitable infrastructures, needed for public opinion-forming and by extension political debate, look like? How can we imagine new forms of political debate and places for political communication? How can we use social media not only as tools, but as spaces to perform alternative narratives that can discover and develop loopholes, hacks, hijacks, subversions, performances, to reclaim authority, to own a part of the structure and perhaps open up the opaque systems that control and govern our society?

The organisers accept text, performance, documentary video and fiction, 3D objects, net sculptures and installations, web archives, apps, and any other experimental mediums. Selected projects should be carried out in open-source formats that are well-documented, shareable, and consider the accessibility of its users, who may range in age, race, gender, economic class, and ability.

For each call, the curator selects four project proposals, whose creators are rewarded with a four-week residency and 750 USD. All selected web residents are nominated for the production prize HASH by Solitude & ZKM which will be awarded in 2019.

Deadline: 28 June 2019

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