2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival Artist Residency (Taiwan)

The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as ECNSA) will host the sixth annual East Coast Land Arts Festival in 2020, and is inviting applications for a residency programme to create five pieces of installation art to integrate various elements of the East Coast’s natural surroundings, geographic landscapes, and spatial aesthetics. 

Inspired by Taiwan’s geology, this year’s East Coast Land Arts Festival will look beyond the ocean and the coastline, leaving Highway 11 for villages, hiking trails, cultures and sceneries located closer to the coastal mountain ranch, exploring the unlimited creativity and possibilities revealed on the boundary where the fierce collision brought ocean and continent together into existence. It is about time to metaphorically integrate the infinitely creative artistic and cultural capacity of the East Coast and the East Rift Valley through a dialogue of various local mountainous and oceanic expressions.

In 2020 the artist residency will accept applications for two foreign artists and three local artists. In order to allow the artists enough time to acclimate to the local atmosphere of the East Coast and better prepare for their creative process, the selection of the 2020 resident artists will be completed in 2019. The awarded artists will be asked to fully engage, participating in relevant East Coast Land Arts activities in 2019 including a Moonlight Sea Concert, Open Studio, Artist Forum and more.

Life on the East Coast of Taiwan experience current issues such as climate change, depleting of fish resources, and the explosion of the ocean waste at full force. Artists are encouraged to observe relevant local issues and propose up-cycle creative ideas in response to the drastic environmental changes that are happening globally.

The actual residency period is at minimum 30 Days and finishing before June 1, 2020

The total amount including artist’s wage and costs of tools, transportation (arranged by the artist) and materials is NT$ 300,000. (for exchange rate, check: http://xe.com)

Deadline: 14 June 2019

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