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The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat is a network of organisations, choirs and individuals in the field of collective singing in Europe. Through its membership, they directly represent more than 2,5 million singers, conductors, composers and managers in over 40 European countries, and reach out to more than 37 million people in continental Europe active in the field of collective singing. They offer networking opportunities and offer activities for singers, conductors, composers or managers in cooperation with organisations across Europe (including major international festivals), cooperating with other cultural sectors and networks and fostering research relevant to our field. The office has five team members. 


  • Preparation and coordination of application for the new project (application in autumn 2019)

    • Communicating with partners

    • Setting up a cooperation agreement

    • Developing text and budget documents for the application

      (supported by the Secretary General and partners)

  • Coordination of international cooperation projects
    (e.g. EPIC if the application is successful – result expected for June 2019)

    • Communicating with partners and funding bodies

    • Coordinating and following-up on task distribution

    • Organising and leading coordination meetings

    • Making and controlling budgets

    • Communicating about the project to the outside, including presentations at conferences and meetings

    • Coordination and finalising of reporting to funding bodies

  • Contribution to cooperation projects in which we are partners

    (e.g. SHIFT Culture if the application is successful – result expected for July 2019) (Co-)Coordination of specific activities of ECA-EC, especially if they are part of multiannual cooperation projects (e.g. EuroChoir)

    • Contributing to the creation of documents and productions of the projects.

    • Attending coordination meetings

    • Reporting to the coordinators
  • Fundraising in other fields (outside the EU, public-private partnerships, foundations etc.)

  • Working on a business plan in a working group with Board members and members of the team

  • Supporting the Secretary General and the other team members with other tasks (preparing General Assemblies and meetings, contributing to communication and evaluation work, technical support if possible, details to be discussed)

Deadline: 7 June 2019

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