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Take part to the pan-European open call for digital photographers and audiovisual creators!
5.000€ will be awarded to the authors of the most striking artworks, and up to 20 creations will be exhibited all over Europe. 

The contest focuses on visual representations from an out of ordinary point of view of whatever remains of Jewish Heritage in the urban tissue of the participating cities: Girona, Wroclaw, Tbilisi, Sighet and Belgrade.

The proposal for the artist is to capture the essence of the contemporary traces left by Jewish citizens in the selected participant countries.
The Parallel Traces competition focuses on architecture and urbanism, regarding the Jewish Heritage in order:

  • To generate a contemporary artwork in digital format

  • To showcase common elements that bring closer together citizens with Jewish and non-Jewish descent and culture

  • To show that Jewish culture is part of our common home Europe and the traces belonging to a Jewish past are still alive in our everyday way of living

  • To better understand the past

The following prizes will be awarded:

● First prize in the category FROM NOW: 1.500€

● First prize in the category FROM THE PAST: 1.500€

● Second prize in the category FROM NOW: 1.000€

● Second prize in the category FROM THE PAST: 1.000€

The artist will be invited (cost covered) to at least one of the exhibitions. 

The contest is open for residents of a country of the Council of Europe.

Deadline (extended): 17 July 2019

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