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The Development Programme offers the context of - an experimental intersection for contemporary art, located in a 13th century monastery in the centre of Ghent - as a workspace and an opportunity for the development of artistic practice. Six artists, collectives, small organisations or collaboration initiatives per year are offered a Development Fellowship of up to 3 months: a period of research and development, tailored with and around each selected participant, supported by a team of collaborators and invited guests.

Participants are challenged to leave their mark on Kunsthal Gent’s public programme (running parallel to the exhibition programme) in experimental ways. The underlying ambition of Kunsthal Gent is to grow a network of participants, connected organisations and experts that will be beneficial beyond the fellowship period and provide a stimulus for the wider (local) arts community.

Kunsthal Gent challenges artists to propose a plan for a significant development of their practice, that can work in the context of Kunsthal Gent (see also: WHAT IS KUNSTHAL GENT?)

They support development plans with time, space and a budget that makes collaboration and dialogue with relevant expert(s) or colleague(s) possible. The total budget of a development proposal can be up to €5.000 all-in, to be used according to the needs of the proposal. This includes an artist fee, travel, production costs, taxes… From this, they reserve €500 for costs made directly by Kunsthal (e.g. public moments, fees for externals, documentation costs.) We offer a dynamic context to work in and to share your process with colleagues and audiences.

The development programme runs alongside and intersects with Kunsthal Gent’s exhibition and public programmes. The duration of a residency follows from the plan and needs of the participant(s). It can be short, specific and intense, or longer and more spread out. We think the provided budget is good for a maximum of 3 months. Longer engagements are possible, but will need an extra budget that the proposed plan should cater for (through additional subsidy, collaboration or co-production.) There are three periods per year that each host two development fellowships (following the rhythm of Kunsthal Gent’s opening weekends at the end of January, May and September of each year.) New periods start in February, June/July and October and run until the following opening weekend.

Each 3 month period we will host one local/national and one international artist/collective/organization. International artists are offered an apartment inside Kunsthal Gent.

Deadline: 2 June 2019

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