International Summer School of Photography 13th edition: Photography and the World (Latvia)

The International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) is an immersive education and networking event for emerging photographers from around the world, taking place in the deep Latvian countryside annually since 2006. 

After 12 years of existence, the International Summer School of Photography is shifting towards a thematic focus and greater interdisciplinary engagement. The first thematic edition, ISSP 2019, “PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE WORLD”, will be looking at photography as a possible tool for positive change, with reference to global issues the world is facing today. From climate change to the crisis of liberal democracy, the huge shifts we are currently undergoing combine to create a sense of urgency and desire for action. What is the role of photography in this? The focus of the programme will be on reflection and discussion, imagining, creating and trying out possibilities. The six workshops will explore the position of photography in relation to political activism, ecology/environment, community engagement, and the ritual / spirituality. The event will be a horizontal learning experience involving not only photographers and visual artists, but also experts from other fields – activists, writers, environmental scientists, visual anthropologists – who will contribute to the discussion with their diverse perspectives.

Together, the participants will look beyond the sometimes insular bubble of the photography and art world, and try to answer questions like - What role can art/ photography play in relation to the events and processes happening in the world? What are the ways art can contribute to the societies we live in? What is the role of the photographer – as a professional, an activist, a member of the community, a responsible human being?

ISSP 2019 will conclude with a day-long open conference containing elements of a pop-up exhibition, a performance, a manifest, as well as a publication that will be produced on the campus.

There are scholarships for applications from Latvia, the Arab region, Turkey and Japan. 

Deadline: 10 April 2019

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