A.FARM residency (Vietnam) > Call for applications from SouthEast Asia

A. Farm, a Saigon-based residency initiative, looks to support visual artistic experimentations by emergent practitioners with focus on Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Chosen artists will be entitled to specially tailored programs by the two teams, Sàn Art and Mot+++, including and not limited to consultations, in-depth discussions, group critics, visits to local artist spaces, etc… to distill their proposals into concrete deliveries. At the end of their residency, all artists will have the chance to showcase their works in A. Farm premise, plus enjoy further promotion by Sàn Art and Mot+++.

A. Farm offers the following for the successful applicants:

• Production fund of US$850

•Travel fund up to US$220 as reimbursement. Chosen Southeast Asian artists will also be entitled to an amount up to US$190 (as reimbursement) to settle their own visa (both entry and extension) to cover their stay in Vietnam • Stipend of US$180/month

• A private bedroom, a dedicated studio, and shared facilities such as kitchen and bathrooms

• Curatorial assistance for the entire residency period

Deadline: 31 March 2019

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