Horizon2020 > Societal challenges and the arts

Proposals should identify and study artistic productions that have generated new thinking, engagement and possibly action in relation to contemporary societal challenges as experienced in Europe. In doing so, they should capture and analyse motivations, philosophies, modes of engagement and impact from a comparative, geographically balanced and multidisciplinary perspective. They should identify and analyse projects and actions that have succeeded in mobilising members of our societies for a common cause, including sections of society which might otherwise remain remote from such initiatives, and identify their success factors as a basis for recommendations to policy makers. Particular attention should be paid to artistic productions, including participatory ones, which give voice to marginalised or disengaged groups and individuals. Community penetration and mechanisms of diffusion, including the role of digital technologies for providing access to the arts, should be studied as should barriers to engagement. The relationship between art and democracy and between art and individual or community resilience should be addressed. Proposals should also consider the role of local, regional and national identities and traditions, of global and European intellectual trends, and of social movements in shaping artistic representations. Historical analysis and other relevant approaches from the social sciences and humanities could be used as relevant. Artistic entrepreneurship as well as links to the cultural and creative industries could also be addressed. Where relevant, the impact of EU, national, regional or local policies and funding on the arts could be considered.

The action will promote innovative approaches to societal challenges that take into account artistic perspectives. It will formulate and test innovative art-based practices aimed at mutual understanding, dialogue and civic participation, thereby enhancing social inclusion. The action will also contribute to the further integration of the arts in the policies and strategic goals of the EU.

Deadline: 14 March 2019

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