8th Call for Submissions »WimmelResearch-Fellowship« / »Immortality & Self-aware Systems« (Germany)

The »WimmelResearch-Fellowship« will be awarded as part of a joint project between Robert Bosch GmbH, Akademie Schloss Solitude and Wimmelforschung, this time with a focus on »Immortality & Self-aware Systems«. The call especially addresses artists, who deal with the question of how algorithms, cloud memory and the omnipresence of self-learning systems will affect human belief systems and how we perceive human agency in the present as well as in possible futures. What role will we humans assume in the age of self-aware and self-developing machines? What are the consequences, if ethical and moral standards are no longer defined by us humans, but shaped by self-aware systems?

Artists from all disciplines (including architects, designers, authors, sound artists, performers, filmmakers, coders) are invited to apply. 

The collaboration is based on the development of Platform 12, an experimental space designed by the artistic duo Wimmelforschung in collaboration with Bosch as part of Bosch’s center for research and advance engineering in Renningen/Germany. The platform serves as a creative hub and room for reflection as well as communication for all researchers. It offers an environment that allows its employees to work independently from the organizational structure of the company. As an essential feature, Platform 12 contains a permanent collaboration with Akademie Schloss Solitude, in the framework of which artists of various disciplines intervene into the company’s structure and organization as indirect observers and instigators from outside. The fellowship is meant to encourage artists and researchers to explore new ideas and to shape future-oriented concepts together. The main focus is not necessarily the production of a specific artistic work, but the encounter and process of dialog in itself. 

Deadline: 20 January 2019

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