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Artis is an independent nonprofit organization that supports contemporary artists from Israel whose work addresses aesthetic, social and political questions that inspire reflection and debate.

Curatorial Seminars are designed to provide members of the international art community with a fast-paced primer on contemporary art from Israel. The programme facilitates exploration of cultural developments and provides a platform for projects and deeper inquiry to emerge.

Artis started this programme as a means to connect peers in the art world to each other. The program takes place twice per year, generally in January and June, and includes 6-12 participants from all over the world. The program is open by application to anyone who is a cultural practitioner.

For the duration of the week-long program, Artis organizes and funds hotel accommodations, two group meals per day (lunch and dinner; breakfast is included at the hotel), and travel within Israel as per the itinerary. Transport to and from airports at departure city and at Ben Gurion airport; meals or transport not associated with the itinerary; and costs associated with medical care or airfare. Travel insurance is also mandatory.

Ideal candidates are critical thinkers, well-versed in contemporary art internationally and in their own communities, and interested in engaging thoughtfully in conversations and inquiries into a variety of related topics. Candidates are generally independent and institutional curators, art historians, writers, artists, or others working in the cultural sector who demonstrate interest in learning about contemporary art from Israel.

Artis has a small annual budget to reimburse participants who cannot afford to cover the full cost of airfare. This budget is primarily dedicated to supporting independent curators or writers who do not have institutional travel budgets. During the application process, prospective participants are asked to indicate whether or not they need financial assistance to support their travel expenses. All travel support is issued once the program is complete as a reimbursement.

Deadline: 1 January 2019

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