Re–Directing: East – curatorial residency and seminar Designing Futures in 2019 > Open call (Poland)

The Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art and Biennale Warszawa invite professionals such as curators,researchers and art managers to apply for a one-month-long residency.

The Re–Directing: East Curatorial Residency is a peer-learning workshop, a curatorial seminar, extended site exploration and a research opportunity for a group of six individuals together with the teams of U–jazdowski, Biennale Warszawa and local actors. 

The participants are expected to share their experience and understanding of respective artistic and socio-political contexts and to actively participate in the discussion on alternative models of the transnational collaboration as a form of practicing planetary commons. We’d like to widen our political imagination, formatted by both neoliberal TINA ideology, identity politics and right-wing politics of memory, and speculate about the possible future relations between the former Eastern Block, Middle East and North African countries, focusing more on the commons, than on the cultural differences, discussing possibilities of creating alliances and forms of solidarity beyond the framework of the nation-state. This curatorial residency is a platform for developing a possible working collaboration with U–jazdowski,Biennale Warszawa and other concerned parties in the years to come.

Biennale Warszawa is a public institution focusing on a long-term artistic,research and activist program and operating on the basis of 2-year work cycles which terminate with a several-weeks-long festival that is taking place in May and June 2019. The first edition of this interdisciplinary event will focus on the abilities and possibilities of creating and shaping alternative socio-political and economic models and positive scenarios for the future.

The organisers strongly encourage curators and researchers based in and/or working in the North African, Middle Eastern and Arab countries to apply.


  • –Individual living space connected with working space

  • –A grant of 3 200 PLN

  • –Reimbursement of travel costs

  • – Customised programme of lectures, presentations and study visits in and outside Warsaw

  • – Admission to the Biennale Warszawa and U–jazdowski programme

  • – The possibility to take an active part in the Biennale Warszawa 2019 transnational assembly

  • Please note that we do not cover visa fees or insurance costs connected to visa applications.

Deadline: 6 January 2019

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