Open Call 2019 A4 International Artists’ Residency Programme by ARIE (China / Japan / Thailand) > Returns in New Outlook

ARIE 2019 is calling for Chinese and international artists, curators, researchers to apply for a one to three months residency at the A4 Art Museum. The organisers provide a round-trip plane ticket, accommodations, studio, material fees, different kinds of salons and sharing sessions and other opportunities depending on different project and cities (Chengdu, Yokohama, Bangkok); selected artists will be equipped with a programme assistant and be professionally supported by the staff of the museum. Throughout the residence, artists will have the opportunities to attend assorted activities and put on a final exhibition to end this unique residency program that helps artists dive into the local social fabrics and urban spaces.

In the meanwhile, starting from 2019, A4 International Artists’ Residency Program will put emphasis on the sphere of public art, such as land art, outdoor sculptures, installations, communal art etc. In addition to the program’s customary support, selected artists can, according to the proposal, obtain extra budget and the chance to install the final work in the public area of LuxeLake.

The program mainly targets at artists or art groups with over 3 years of experience in art creation or curation, who have independent ideas and have breakthrough practices in their fields. Artists or curators should mainly come from the field of contemporary art, with no limitation on the media used for creation.

There are three types of related programmes at: Chengdu/A4 Art Museum, Yokohama/ Koganecho Area Management Centre and Bangkok/ TENTACLES. 

Deadline: 25 February 2019

Find all details online (via RES ARTIS)