Green Operations Award

The Green Operations Award is an annual award category of the European Festival Awards. It is presented by Yourope and GO Group. Its target group are festivals that have made a significant contribution to or achievement towards developing more sustainable events. Examples for respective achievements are practises and systems introduced at their own event, the development of good practices that they have shared with other events, a specific innovation or continuous improvements over a number of years.

The award is given out by a jury panel made up of experts that are not directly linked to any specific festival, with the exception that the previous year’s winner will be invited to cast a vote for the following year’s award only.

There are some more categories you can apply for:

  • The Take a Stand Award, honouring political & social activities and initiatives by European festivals; recognising those speaking up for peaceful dialogue, humanity, tolerance and mutual understanding.

  • The Health & Safety Innovation Award, This award is for those who have created and operationalised new ideas. If you have developed an innovative idea and this has worked well please tell us about it. If there have been changes that have made the festival safer please let us know.

  • The Brand Activation Award, this one celebrates sponsorship projects that create a better festival experience for all. It acknowledges projects in which the festival and its audience are in the heart of the sponsor’s marketing strategy.

The winners will be announced during the 10th European Festival Awards ceremony on January 16th 2019 at De Oosterpoort in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Deadline: 12 November 2018

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