MaTerre, Euro-Mediterranean Poetry Film Workshop > Open call for film makers (Italy)

MaTerre is a project by Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata (the network of film professionals and companies in the region) and Matera-Basilicata2019 Foundation.

With this innovative project of experimental cinema the organisers intend to search, through the magnifying glass of cinema, those points of contact and proximity (cultural, linguistic, anthropological) between the different Euro-Mediterranean countries, using poetry as a language that harmoniously unites peoples and cultures.

Inspired by the poetic revolutionary figure of Rocco Scotellaro, a powerful and very current allegory of the Italian “Southern Question”, we will produce a collective film in 360° immersive reality realized within an artistic residence to be held in the Sassi of Matera in April 2019.

The residence will be a real Euro-Mediterranean poetry film workshop whose artistic direction will be plural and interdisciplinary, ranging between the skills of cinema, poetry, law and anthropology. It will involve 5 couple of authors from the Euro-Mediterranean area composed of 1 filmmaker with 1 poet for a total of 10 participants who will work together to write and make a collective film in 360° immersive reality in 5 episodes. The authors involved, exploring the poetry, the light, the sound and the landscape of Matera will work together on a feature film on the themes of the earth, environment, freedom and active European citizenship starting from the poem My Beautiful Homeland by Rocco Scotellaro. Hence the idea for the title of the project that plays with the French words “ma terre” (“my land”) and the name of city Matera.

During the residency, the five couple of participants will have the opportunity to meet some prestigious guest teachers that will hold some public lectures on poetry cinema. These lectures will be accessible online on the official website of Rete Cinema Basilicata and its social media channels.
The film will be world premiered in September 2019 in Matera. 

Participation fee: 100,00 Euro
Grant for invited filmmakers: 1.500,00 Euro

Deadline: 23 November 2018

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