European Diploma in Cultural Project Management 2019/2020 (Northern Ireland, Iceland and Greece)

The European Diploma in Cultural Project Management is a pan-European training programme arising from the will to foster cultural diversity as well as transregional and transnational cultural exchanges.

The Association Marcel Hicter is the organizer and manager of the course.
The objective is threefold:

* To strengthen the knowledge of cultural managers about European, national and regional cultural policies;
* To improve cultural managers skills to run cultural co-operation projects;
* To develop a network of European cultural managers.

Each year, around 25 professionals from +/- 20 countries are taking part in the European Diploma. Since 1989, more than 570 cultural managers from 45 countries (from Europe mainly and the Middle East, Canada, Sénégal, etc) followed this course. The programme is supported by the Council of Europe.

The training programme is partly financed by partners.

_ Each participant will pay a financial contribution of 3.500 Euros.

_ The costs of the residential and evaluation phases (lodging, meals, internal trips, training costs, documents, copies, translation, etc.) are supported by the organizers.

_ Personal expenses, costs of the practical phase as well as travel expenses between the participant's country of residence and the three residential training locations are borne by the participants.

Note 1: In case of serious financial difficulties, quickly contact the Association. The organisers could, for instance, agree to split the fee into two or three instalments.

Note 2: In case of obvious and serious difficulty in finding funds covering the travel expenses, these might be partly covered by the Association Marcel Hicter. This should be clarified with the organizers as soon as the candidate is accepted. No later request will be taken into account.

Note 3: No refund will be made in case of cancellation.

Deadline: 15 January 2019

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