Open call - #LetMePleaseYou project is looking for dancers

Project synopsis:

Sarajevo, Tbilisi, Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, Istanbul, Kiev, Yerevan. Last decade saw a continual call for democratic, liberal values, and ceaseless declarations against obsessive control and oppression in different parts of the world. It was as if freedom could finally arrive. One global, emancipated, liberal, tolerant, perfect world that would suddenly solve the injustice just in the blink of an eye. Have we really keep on trying each day to become more democratic, more open, more respectful, more forbearing, more comprehensive? Do we live by these values that we declared and stood for?

Nowadays local post-totalitarian social apathy has befriended Western conformism with consumerism. We easily rejoice in buying the latest adidas sneakers, a glass of Chardonnay or a ticket to the Romeo Castellucci performance, but do we enjoy our freedom to express our true feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas? Do we stand up against humiliation and harassment of the other on the street, in the bus or even at our workplace? Are we always ready to gather against socio-political offences, injustice and political aggression? Or do we rather rely on our comfort zone and obey the practice of socially approved ignorance and insensitivity.

Eastern Europe has witnessed a passionate waving of liberation flags with the fall of the Berlin wall. However, after a quarter of a century, the same conventions, rules and norms continue to reign our societies. Ukraine today is going through a moment of wakening stimulated by intensity of different processes. While defending the borderline in war games and being one of the playgrounds for a global battlefield, Ukraine needs to reinvent its multicultural identity to enter the complex European Union family.

In 2018 tyranny still exists, very real and very present in every part of the world. We can feel the regime in our bodies while brushing the teeth, catching a bus, chatting with colleagues or watching “Game of Thrones”. The inner tyrant is pervading us from within, killing us and our believes, acting against diversity and complexity of our lives, against us and our living. He becomes sluggish, convenient and hypocritical companion for our ego flourishing in-between of neo-capitalistic, pseudo-democratic and mega-totalitarian regimes.

On stage three dance artists, a sound artist and a media artist from five post-soviet countries gather to spring up for a revolt against the inner tyrant. They perform a public ritual which we may call an artificial ritual of de-sovietization to emancipate from domination of inner tyranny rooted in common totalitarian soviet past. Composed of movements and transformations, it uses various signs, actions and procedures of soviet heritage and contemporary lifestyles. The ritual is performed in different places, incorporating visual and phonic elements of local context to enrich the authentic experience of the performers. (с) Ruban Production ITP Ltd., all rights reserved


Residency 1, one week project team up in Kyiv, Ukraine: January (dates TBD) 

Residency 2: 7-10 days production residency in Sofia, Bulgaria: February (dates TBD 

Residency 3: 7-10 days production residencies in Lublin, Poland: March (dates TBD)

Residency 4: 6 days pre-premiere residency in Poland, Romania or Ukraine: April (dates and place TBD)

Premiere in Kyiv (3 shows): 6-8 June 2019

Ukrainian tour (5 more cities / 10 shows): June and August 2019

Shows in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Spain: September 2019 - November 2020 (dates and cities TBD)

The levels of fee, travels and accommodation will be discussed during the interviews.

Deadline: 19 October 2018

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