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China Residencies & I: project space are seeking a dedicated and aspiring arts administrator for the inaugural Residency Knowledge Fellowship. This year-long paid fellowship takes place in New York and Beijing, and will provide hands-on and theoretical training in every aspect of running an international residency program.

At China Residencies in NYC, the fellow will:

  1. Help oversee five fully-funded open calls and develop partnerships within the network

  2. Build resources and share knowledge to support the entire field of creative exchange

  3. Liaise with 45 residencies in mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as embassies and cultural organizations worldwide

  4. Learn grant-writing and assist in planning fundraising campaigns

At I: project space in Beijing, the fellow will:

  1. Learn the many facets of running a residency, from fundraising to working with artists

  2. Help curate and organize open studios, exhibitions, publications, and artists projects across music, the visual arts, performing arts, design, and film

  3. Get to know Beijing's independent and established contemporary art and music scene

Throughout, and during the fellowship and during the summer apprenticeship, the fellow will learn key skills such as:

  1. Budgeting

  2. Fundraising

  3. Building and expanding networks

  4. Project management

  5. Evaluating social impact

  6. Facilitating cross-cultural understanding

- 12,000 rmb/monthly {~$USD 1,770/month}
- Beijing-NYC round-trip flight
- 3 weeks paid vacation + health insurance reimbursement
- During the year, the fellow will also have the option of take part in events like Residency Knowledge Exchanges and conferences about residencies and arts management.

To apply you need to be fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese (reading / writing / speaking). 

Deadline: 1 October 2018

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