2019 Fontevraud international residency programme (France)

En français pour les artistes étrangers

En français pour les artistes en France / basés en France

NEF Animation is a francophone platform for professionals dedicated to the writing of and about animated film. NEF Animation is a place of reflection on animation as an art form, a place of resources for research and studies, a place of convergence for initiatives and a place for developing projects. Among its missions, NEF Animation supports the writing and the creative research in the field of animated film by developping artist residency programs that encourage international mobility.

The International Residency for Animated Films is hosted and coproduced by the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud is one of the most important sites of the Loire valley. The monument is now a Cultural Encounter Centre: a place for creation, cultural spreading and international exchanges. Fontevraud is hosting animated film authors in residency since 2006.

The International Residency for Animation Films allows authors to immerse themselves one month into their work without caring about material constraints in a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere and enable them to meet and exchange with other artists in residency.

The residency is for authors with a project of short, medium or full lentgh animated films ; or with a project of animated film in new or hybrid formats : artistic installation, virtual reality, transmedia, video-mapping, TV series or TV special, animated documentary, etc. The residency applies particularly to projects at the stage of research, pre-development or writing (scenario, graphism, music...).

At the end of the residency, no result or restitution is asked. The work realized stays the property of the author who owns totally its moral and patrimonial rights without any cession or remuneration to the Abbey of Fontevraud or to NEF Animation who have no right to change or intervene on the resident work. However, the author must commit oneself in referring to the Fontevraud residency and to «NEF Animation» on every film or creation coming directly or indirectly from his time spent in residency.

The selectees are given a creation grant of 1,200 euros. The travelling expenses are reimbursed on the basis of a price schedule calculated proportionally to the distance between home and the Abbey of Fontevraud. The residents are housed at the Abbey. Laundry and an equipped kitchen are at their disposal. The bedrooms are individual. The kitchen and livingroom are shared. The residents also have access to a garden, the monument and a shared workshop of 100m² (with no equipment). 

Deadline: 1 November 2018

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