WATER FESTIVAL 2018 (Bulgaria) > Open call

The second edition of WATER contemporary art festival  2018 wil be held on 14-16 September 2018, at Swimming Pool of Youth Cultural Center.

BURGAS  Festival  application is open to all contemporary  orientated artists from Bulgaria and abroad. The organisers are especially looking for works of: Installation Video art Exhibitions, Site
specific actions and design, Small performing actions, Sound design and other interesting happenings with a focus of audience interaction.   

The  artistic works must be appropriate or created for the specific space of the festival, which are:  a labyrinth festival space including an indoor swimming pool which measures 25 x 12.5 meters and a host of smaller rooms - 2 changing rooms, 2 bathrooms, Boiler room, Shooting range, Fitness room,
Bathrooms, Sauna Room, Corridors, Staircase and other spaces.

During the festival, the pool will be empty.  The organisers are looking for proposals from Bulgarian
and international authors who:

- Can be located in the proposed space

- Require a minimal  budget

- Will not permanently damage or permanently change the material base they use

The organisers will provide:

- Travel costs  only  in Bulgaria / bus, train or car trip  / and accommodation for the selected participants. International travel costs will be provided for a minimal number of selected participants.

- Minimal budget of selected works  / negotiable after selection /

Please send a written proposal including:

- Information about the author /artistic team 

- Information about the artistic proposal and accompanying materials

- budget, number of participants in the presentation, technical requirements

-  any other relevant material

More about the event: the works will be located in the pool area and the surrounding area. They will happen simultaneously or sequentially in different spaces / atmospheres. Viewers will go through the presentations in a sequence chosen by them. The main program of the event will present performances of Bulgarian and international authors in the big swimming pool basin /emptied of water/.

Video from the spaces and the festival puzzle of the first edition "WATER" can be found here.

 The "WATER" Contemporary Arts Festival is organised by Youth Cultural Center - Bourgas and  "Dance BG" Association  with the support of Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria, Burgas Municipality and  "Burgas likes the Youth"   

Deadline: 10 August 2018

Send the documents to water_festival(at)abv.bg