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The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends is a unique reference work on cultural policies and related developments available at Culturalpolicies.net. This platform publishes the cultural policy and legal information of as many as 43 different countries, and provides analysis on trends, new challenges and debates. The Compendium reaches a broad range of policy makers and administrators, cultural institutions and networks, researchers and documentation professionals, journalists and students. The available online information and data serves to inform decision-making processes, comparative policy research (analyses) and the exchange of good practice models.

The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends is looking for Expert Authors in: Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden. Compendium Expert Authors are responsible for researching, updating and reviewing their national cultural policy.

Expert Authors receive a fee from the Compendium´s Service Provider - channelled through the Boekman Foundation - for the (annual) work on their national Compendium profile. This sum (between 500 and 1500 EUR for a profile update and up to 3000 EUR for a new profile) is dependent on the size and complexity of the country and of the amount of work in question. Based on these factors, the Service Provider will present the Expert Author with a calculation for the honorarium, which is to be agreed upon by both parties by means of a signed contract. In some countries, this fee is provided for or complemented by national governments. Travel expenses for the attendance at annual Experts’ Meetings will be covered by respective national governments and / or by the experts themselves if they are part of a national government or an institution providing for travel fees.

Deadline: 1 September 2018

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