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The Global Youth Culture Forum is a process and an event that relates culture to the sustainable development of Jeju. It is supported by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province government and the Culture Committee of the world organisation of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), together with JITC-Jeju International Training Center, JFAC-Jeju Foundation for Arts and Culture and JURC-Jeju Urban Regeneration Center.

The Global Youth Culture Forum Jeju 2018 will be held from 29th October to 4th November 2018.

The Global Youth Culture Forum in 2018 aims to implement, in a very practical and illustrative way, the UCLG toolkit “Culture 21 Actions” on “culture in sustainable cities”, especially its commitment related to “Public Spaces, Urban Planning and Culture”.

The Global Youth Culture Forum in 2018 will also contribute:
           - To localize SDGs, especially Goals 8, 9 and 11
           - To promote young artists in the making of sustainable cities
           - To involve local communities in the process
           - To develop Jeju as a creative culture platform for global artists: a place where meaning is developed.
           - To establish a forum in which exchange young artists share their experiences and cooperate.

A global curator, local and international mentors as well as local and international artists and architects will be working together taking as cases of study two different neighborhoods of Jeju City: Namsung Old Town and Jeju Old Downtown.

The Global Young Culture Forum is not a school, nor an academic proposal, so it is not guided by academic records of specific disciplines; the relationship that candidates may have with galleries, collectors or institutions is not valued especially. The organisers are interested in artists and architects who are studying the last courses of an academic program or who have finished their studies and already developed some years of professional career (up to 3 years maximum). It would be accepted artists and architects of any origin, discipline and background and that can take full advantage of all the conditions offered to the workshops included in the Forum.

Candidates must have special interest in artistic projects to be developed in public space, through research and public participation. In addition, they have to have skills in communication, and they must have good disposition to work in an international and interdisciplinary group. Participants should be fluent in English language, written and spoken.

The organization will provide accommodation and meals to the mentees during the Forum, and will take over the international mentees’ travel costs to and from Jeju island; medical and travel insurance will be taken over the organization. International mentees from another continents will travel on 27th October 2018.

Deadline: 31 July 2018

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