"Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning" > Open call for training (Germany, Hungary and Greece)

Within the project "Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning" several partners from different countries have developed a training concept on diversity and intercultural learning.

The training brings together pairs of artists/cultural practitioners and teachers from a variety of European countries and focuses on topics related to diversity and intercultural learning (in a European and transnational context). Through exploring and reflecting one’s own position and attitude towards the project related topics, the training will provide insights and understandings which participating pairs will be able to apply in the course of their general professional practice.

In each 6 day training (including arrival and departure days), teachers and their cultural partners from different countries will experience a programme that has been developed with training institutions/organisations across Europe. The multinational training will provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on the different dimensions of the issues as well as practical approaches to engaging with them. 

The number of participants is limited. If the number of registrations exceed the limit, the organising partners will have to make a selection.

Dates of the Europe in Perspective trainings:
07 - 12 January 2019 (Germany/Wolfenbüttel)
18 - 23 February 2019 (Hungary/Budapest)
30 April - 05 May 2019 (Greece/Thessaloniki)

The trainings are realised in different cities across Europe. One is taking place in Germany, one in Hungary and one in Greece. 

Each pair fills in one registration together to take part in one training.
After revising the registrations, you will receive a feedback on your participation with further details on the training venue and travel. From this point of confirmation, you are welcome to book flights and make your travel arrangements.

There is an individual contribution of 100 € per person for this training. Accommodation as well as meals during the training days will be covered and travel costs can be reimbursed up to 300 € on display of the original tickets after the training. Please note that you have to take care of your travel arrangements yourself. 

If your travel costs exceed this amount or the costs would be an obstacle for your participation, please get in contact with us in advance and we will find a way to make your participation possible.

The Language during the training will be English.

Deadline: 3 September 2018

You can register here (and the website of the project here).