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This programme is intended for foreign artists wishing to develop a research and creation project in Paris, for a period of three or six months, supported by one or several cultural partners. The partners associated with the artist may be establishments from the French Cultural Network Abroad (Instituts français, Cultural Services of French Embassies, Alliances françaises) and/or French or foreign cultural bodies (art centre, association, multidisciplinary lab, gallery, museum, approved body, theatre, production venue for dance and street arts, concert hall, festival abroad, etc. In France, priority shall be given to applications supported by certified bodies and networks of the Ministry of Culture).

The Institut français makes studio-apartments available to artists at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. The partner associated with the artist, in France or abroad, shall finance the artist’s travel and/or living expenses and carry out the formalities needed for submitting the artist’s application.

Eligibility criteria: 

The associated partner submitting the application must:

- Commit in writing to handling the artist’s travel and/or living expenses, and possibly indicate the financial commitment of the other partners involved in the project

- Provide an explanatory note on the reasons why it is supporting the artist’s application, indicating explicitly how it intends to promote the winner’s work during and following his/her residency

The artist must:

- Already be active in his/her professional life

- Be proficient in French and/or English Provide proof of previous artistic work

- Be sufficiently independent to manage his/her residency

- Be free of any professional obligations throughout his/her - residency period

There is no age limit.

The Institut français would like to focus on several themes for the 2019 residency programme. The Selection Committee will therefore pay special attention to files from one of the following four categories: young public, environment/sustainable development, art and territories as well as Technical and Technological Research and Innovation. 

Deadline: 22 August 2018

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