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In its second year, TESLA Award opens up for international artists and creators from different fields!

TESLA Award (Transdisciplinary Experimental Slovenian Art Award) is a new competition focusing on new and progressive art forms in the field of transdisciplinary or intermedia art. Its mission is to provide optimal conditions for selected artists to research, produce and present an entirely new artwork under the mentorship of MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art and each year's partners.

The aim of the award is to improve the conditions of artistic production in the field of transdisciplinary / intermedia art, in response to the growing interest in research-based practices in Slovenia and broader Eastern European region.


This year TESLA partners with Artbat Festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Bellastock from Paris, to support two public space works to be installed in Almaty.
TESLA 2018 is looking for innovative public space projects on the topic of Waterstream.
Winning proposals will be awarded with a 4000,00 eur production grant.
The works will be premiered at the opening of ArtBat festival 2018 on 24 August.


We are looking for ideas for outdoor artworks that use water as a structural element or that reflect on the importance of water in cities. The artworks can incorporate the existing waters and water structures of Almaty (for example, the Aryk channels, fountains, rivers and other forms of water in the city center). The artworks will be installed in public spaces near the water structures or in them (for example in the water streams, lakes, etc.) if appropriate.

We also welcome proposals that involve DIY tactics, reused, repurposed or upcycled materials and discarded resources.


The Artbat Fest will take place between 24th August until the end of September.
This open call is referring to works to be produced and finished in time for the opening event of the Public-Outdoor part of the Festival.


– This call is open to individuals or groups working across any artforms and/or technologies.
– Applicants should either have an established background in their respective fields and/or explain how this opportunity will assist the development of a new project.
– We especially welcome proposals for new work. Yet, we will be happy to help in the extension of existing projects if our contribution will be key to develop them towards a new direction or critically enhance them so they will achieve a new dimension.
– We are especially aiming to support creators from Eastern Europe (Baltics, Poland, Balkan countries) & ex Soviet Republics (Georgia, Armenia, Moldavia, etc...)


– We will support the production of 2 selected proposal with 4.000 € for each project including fees. Additionally, we will finance accommodation and transport of the artist to Almaty.
– Artbat Fest will support the projects with local technicians, local logistic, local communication, photographer, videographer, local translation, permits, etc.
– Artecitya (MoTA Museum & Bellastock) will assist in all phases of the production process.They will provide support for the participants in case the new commission is conceived as a collaborative work.
According the nature of the project - the project could be developed with and at Bellastock Festival, Paris in July and showcased at the Sonica Ljubljana and TodaysArt Hague festivals.
– Depending on the nature of the project, Artbat fest & Artecitya will be excited to
present and distribute the new project through partners’ channels and communication networks.


This year, TESLA Award 2018, an initiative of MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, is organized in partnership with Artbat Festival Almaty and several international partners – the Artecitya Network, Bellastock Paris and Todays Art Hague.

Deadline (extended): 1 July 2018

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