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Each year the Festival invites Portuguese and foreign journalists to visit and cover Walk&Talk - Arts Festival, in the Azores. Some of them have visited us several times. Most of them would like to come back.

The organisers are aware of the limitations that cultural journalists and art critics presently face, regarding publishing opportunities and the existing limited space for covering arts themes in the media and especially in gaining the mobility needed to cover art projects and events which take place all around the world. We also believe that press professionals are active players in the contemporary art scene and that their work is crucial, not only as information for the public, but because it favors the knowledge and comprehension towards the arts, the awareness and sustainability of art practices, artists, agents and projects. 

These are the reasons why Walk&Talk launches this Open Call for cultural journalists and art critics.

Can apply: Portuguese or foreign cultural journalists, arts writers and critics, working for online or offline magazines, newspapers, radio, television or other types of media. 


- Press trip program for 1 selected journalist to be scheduled between 28th of June and 14th of July 2018 
- maximum 4 nights/5 day’s trip. 
- Flights, transfer and accommodation in hotel with breakfast included located at Ponta Delgada city center, lunch and dinner at Walk&Talk canteen (where all the team, participating artists, curators and guests meet). 
- Full access to all Walk&Talk venues and activities during the trip. 
- Permanent support by the Walk&Talk communication team for in site guidance, visits around São Miguel Island, documentation and interviews scheduling. 
- Walk&Talk press point with daily photo reports, videos and additional documentation about the participating artist, ongoing projects, program activities and festival venues.

Deadline: 25 May 2018

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