Festival Kometa (Latvia) > Open call for artists 'Participation'

Festival Kometa is a culture and music festival that takes place on the island of Daugavgriva Fortress in Riga, Latvia.

In the era of growing polarization, overconsumption and disconnection, Kometa offers a way of collectively envisioning another world – one that engages, empowers and unites through creativity, collective cultural experiences and joy.

With live music from various corners of the Earth, DJ sets, contemporary circus, cinema, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and performances, Kometa is a unique and vibrant three-day event that embraces diversity and leaves long-term traces in its participants, by inviting and encouraging to practice freedom to think, choose, connect, create and participate. Freedom from advertisements, slogans or hidden agendas. Freedom to transform.
Kometa is a cosmic culture festival which shows that music, art and humans coexist in harmony with one another and Mother Earth.

Kometa 2018 will be the third edition of the festival. The first two festivals gathered around 5000 visitors and several hundred artists, activists, lecturers and performers from several dozen different countries.

The overarching theme of Kometa 2018 is Participation. That means that the program will have a focus on artistic and cultural processes that encourage collaboration, self-organization and formation of new initiatives.

The call is open to artists, musicians, DJs, circus performers*, storytellers, workshop facilitators, academics, activists, poets, dancers and anyone else who feels that what they do is bound to become a part of Kometa program and is aligned with its philosophy, values and vibe.

For circus residency participants the organisers cover local transport, catering and accommodation. Coverage of travel costs, fees and technical needs for other applicants will be considered within the limits of the program budget.

Deadline: 30 April 2018

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