French-German Cultural Center (FGCC) > Open call: ع الطريق / Auf dem Weg / En Chemin (Palestine)


The French-German Cultural Center (FGCC) in Ramallah is launching a new project, funded by the French-Geman Cultural Fonds 2018.

ع الطريق, AUF DEM WEG. EN CHEMIN means “on the road”. It is a three-part project, comprised of a residency, an exhibition and a 24-hour artistic event. The two-week residency will take place in Palestine and will be followed by a satellite exhibition on notions and actions revolving around the concept of wandern, يتمشى, to wander, se promener. This open call is addressed to artists and cultural practitioners who are currently residing in Palestine, France or Germany and invites contributions on the topic in order to participate in a two-week residency, which will result in the production of a satellite exhibition together with the artist and curator Jack Persekian.

To close this cycle, a 24-hour artistic event will bring together contributors on stage to perform, present, read, or indeed walk their take on the subject. The residents artists will also participate with their own project developed during their residency.

A jury of four experts -the lawyer and writer Raja Shehadeh, the dancer and choreographer Farah Saleh, writer and co-founder of el-Atlal Karim Kattan and the singer and actress Reem Talhami- will choose 12 participants by the end of April 2018.

Can apply artists and cultural practitioners, across all media and forms, whose work is related to any notion of walking (physically, metaphysically or metaphorically) and movement (locomotion), currently residing in Palestine, France or Germany.


One return flight

Accommodation and per diems

Local transportation

Please note, that applicants from France and Germany are responsible to check their visa requirements

Please note, that applicants from Gaza will be provided with assistance from the FGCC during the permission process and fees.

Deadline: 22 April 2018

Find all details in the attached document