Gulbenkian Grant / AiR 351 (Portugal)

The Gulbenkian Foundation generously supports one artist in residence for a period of 3 months in 2018 at AiR 351. Artists from all countries at any stage of practice are invited to apply. 

AiR 351 is an independent international visual arts residency program located in Cascais, Lisbon region (Portugal). AiR 351´s praxis follows a collaborative model based on solid one-to-one relationships within the art world. Its team works closely with each resident on a supportive environment, anticipating and reacting to its needs. Through institutional partnerships, AiR 351´s activities encompass a variety of contexts such as museums, universities and art schools.

3 months residency at AiR 351 supported by Gulbenkian Foundation


Artists from all countries at any stage of practice. Exception: artists with a permanent residency status in Portugal are not eligible.


Travel, accommodation, living expenses, studio and residency fee are covered by the grant.

Deadline: 15 April 2018

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