Open Call for activities to participate in the FEST project year 2

The FEST (Federation for European Storytelling) network received a European grant to set up a series of storytelling activities in Europe.

The general aim of FEST project is to increase the number and improve the quality of storytelling events and activities in Europe, to develop the professional competences of the actors and stakeholders involved, to broaden the application field of storytelling and to establish a European structure for sharing and cooperation.

In order to achieve this, they created a working plan for 4 years. This plan is approved by the European Commission and they are offered a grant of 80% of all costs to realise all plans. This grant comes on a yearly basis.

FEST is looking for organisations willing to cooperate with us and willing to organise storytelling events and activities that fit into the priorities and work plan of year 2 of their project (from the 1st of June 2018 till the 31st of May 2019). They have different activity strands and every year they have one or two priority themes.

The priority themes in year 2 are:

  • The European Year of Cultural heritage: they are looking for projects that link storytelling and heritage.

  • Digital storytelling & co-creative projects involving digital art and storytelling.

FEST is able to support the selected initiatives in the form of e.g. helping them find storytellers, speakers or workshop leaders for their events, whose travel, accommodation and fee can be covered up to 80% max.

Deadline: 15 April 2018

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