Artist Residency for VR projects (Switzerland)

World VR Forum in partnership with Crans-Montana, Valais Wallis Promotion and Service de la culture du Canton du Valais is pleased to announce the first edition of its Artist Residency for VR projects, which will take place in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, during 2 months.

Home for the WVRF Annual Summit, Crans-Montana has become a relevant hot spot for the VR connoisseurs around the world. This is why we considered that, by extension, this should also become the home of an artist residency exclusively dedicated to VR and AR projects. We think the mix of first class alpine air and breathe-taking mountain views together with a warm and welcoming working space equipped with last generation gadgets can be highly inspiring and most stimulating for developing high quality projects. Therefore we invite artists from all around the world to apply individually or as teams up to 4 participants. The team will be followed by professionals throughout the creative process. The final selection will be made by an international committee and the selected artists will be invited to live and work in specially designated spaces in Crans-Montana.

During the two months of the residency, they will have to prototype an interactive experience in virtual or augmented reality. While any reference – direct or purely abstract – to the Swiss Alpine environment as a main source of inspiration is highly encouraged during the creative process, there are no restrictions or obligations in what concerns the type of artistic expression, style or medium.

The team will be followed by a board of international mentors throughout the creative process and will also be invited to get involved with the local community by giving workshops and presentations in the most prestigious schools with a technical and artistic profile of the region.

At the end of the residency, the team must present the project to a committee composed of experts and supporters of the initiative, while the official premiere will take place during the WVRF Annual Summit. The team will be able to share the thoughts on their experience during the WVRF conferences, and the project will be displayed in the following weeks in a special designated exhibition place.

The team selected will receive a 10,000 CHF (ten thousand Swiss francs) stipend. This amount is free to use for any expenses. Ultimately, no documents such as invoices or receipts shall be provided to World VR Forum.

Swiss train pass will be offered from any airport or train station of Switzerland to Sierre by World VR Forum. Car pick-up service in Sierre on arrival and departure will also be provided. VR artist residency in Crans-Montana provides individual accommodation and working space.

Deadline: 18 March 2018

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