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New for 2018, the SPILL OPEN is aimed at early makers and artists whose practices may have been overlooked, regardless of age, working in between or across forms, and with something meaningful to say. It offers 20 opportunities for exceptional artists or groups to present work as part of SPILL Festival this Autumn. The organisers aim to support makers whose work is grounded in generosity – to audiences, peers and cultural dialogues.

The SPILL OPEN replaces the SPILL National Platform, which ran from 2009 to 2016 in London and Ipswich. Whenthe SPILL National Platform was created there was a deliberate opening up of politicised, high-visibility space for artists creating new performance at a time when artist-led contextualised opportunities for live art were seriously limited across the country. During the years it ran the National Platform supported 148 artists and groups, to audiences of thousands.

Now, just a decade on, everything has changed. A new generation of artists are active within the field of performance who were kids when SPILL started. Some have studied live art at college or university before becoming makers, producers and commentators. Coupled with the widespread integration of social media, we observe a significant shift in what live art is and where it gets created. And Brexit has prompted us to re-question notions of nationhood and national provision.

The organisers also observe huge potential in the hybrid results artists are achieving by deliberately working across forms, blending concerns and disciplines in new and exciting ways. 

The SPILL OPEN is open to artists of any age, based anywhere, undertaking considered formal experimentation and / or investigation through research, that seek to offer some new ways of looking or thinking about the world and how we are in it together. It will support work which is considered and meaningful. The organisers are also keen to hear from people specifically developing new forms tailored to the needs of kids or teenagers.

Applications are welcome from people working with, across or in between: Activist Actions, Cabaret + Club Arts, Craft + Folk Methods, Digital, Experimental Theatre, Film + Video, Heritage + Place, Installation, Live Art + Performance, Museum Collections, New Dance, Science + Social Sciences, Sound + Music, Spoken Word, Street Art, Text, Visual Art and Walking.

Each artist or company selected for the SPILL OPEN will receive support totalling £2000

• A fee of £750

• A contribution towards travel

• Accommodation at the festival

• Per diems

• A package of producing, technical and marketing support

• High quality photographic and video documentation plus inclusion in SPILL TV

Deadline: 4 April 2018

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