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Sweet Home is a research residency programme in private homes in Madrid organized by hablarenarte in the framework of Curators' Network.

Sweet Home is a research residency programme taking place in domestic spaces that delivers new ways of doing and relating to each other by sharing our day-to-day life. The organisers seek to create effective and affective ties between artists, curators, researchers and other cultural agents, transforming our homes into places of encounter that enable new practices of shared intimacy.

Sweet Home seeks to generate:

1. Exchange and mobility, through a two-week residency.

2. Professional networks and international collaborations, through a personalized agenda for each of the guests and visits to representative art spaces of Madrid.

3. Transfer of knowledge and reflection, through public presentations of the guests' body of work

For the 2018 edition of Sweet Home hablarenarte is searching for 6 artists, creators, curators, researchers or other cultural agents working with visual and performing arts for a research residency in Madrid from May 30th to June 13th, 2018.

The residents will stay in the guest rooms of the six Madrid based cultural agents who were selected in a previous phase (see document above with a list of the hosts). The hosts will provide accommodation for the guests, and will introduce them to their closest artistic context.

Cost covered: 

hablarenarte covers travel costs for a maximum value of 300,00 € for applicants coming from EU-countries and 700,00 € for applicants coming from non-EU countries.

hablarenarte pays a fee of 700,00 € (VAT included) to each resident.

hablarenarte pays subsistence costs of a total of 210,00 € (VAT included) to each resident.

Deadline: 21 March 2018

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