21st FAKI — Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression (Croatia) > Open call for applications

Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression – FAKI is an international gathering of artist and theatrical groups that operate outside institutionalized commercial theatres and demonstrate a high artistic reach while encouraging young performers to make the most distinctive expressions. This very general conception practically means that FAKI is a festival of alternative theater, street theater, performance, off- and low-budget theater. FAKI is a central place for an overview of innovative, critical and independent, international theater and performance scene, maintained by traveling artists and groups whose research on original, experimental and research models of art expression generates universal existential spectacles and performances. 

The theme of this year’s FAKI is physical theater, devoid of generalizations and stereotypes, free of embossing multivalent names for one and the same, while communicated via motion as a language of expression.
The performative content of 21st FAKI is focused on the idea of the human body as the most important instrument of expression of dualities – of desire and will, passion and reason, articulated by nonverbal performances utilizing performers’ bodies as their conceptual starting points.

Resources offered by FAKI:
– shared accommodation for residential artists
– shared accommodation for festival performers
– travel expenses co-financing (up to 200€ for individuals and up to 500€ for groups)
– light designer and technician
– sound designer and technician
– test public / critique
– rehearsal and performances venues
– technical support
– promotion

Deadline: 28 February 2018

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