Open Call for Contributions to the 8th Inter-Format Symposium on Rites and Terrabytes (Lithuania)

‘Rites and Terrabytes’ refers to the peculiar situation where we increasingly feel or desire a connection with rituals and practices of old despite living in a profoundly mediated ‘post-contemporary’ world. In other words, to reconcile the imagined universes of archaic rites and the ubiquitous terabytes of digital information, we need some firm rooting and grounding (terra), whether in our surviving local indigenous culture or in some newly engineered indigeneity.

Are welcomed contributions to the Symposium programme by visual and sound artists, cultural practitioners, researchers and theorists who critically revive, reinvent, question, and facilitate traditional knowledges, practices and beliefs, (post-)folk culture, as well as notions of indigeneity and localism within the field of contemporary art and culture. The Symposium is scheduled to take place in Nida, Lithuania, around the traditional Lithuanian Midsummer celebration (Rasos) on June 21–24, 2018.

All selected contributors are provided with limited support for travel (up to 250 EUR), accommodation in Nida Art Colony and catering during the event. Production residents receive 700 Eur/month fee plus allowances for materials.

Deadline: 15 March 2018

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