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PQ festival is the liveliest, and perhaps the most energizing and inspiring part of PQ that speaks about our contemporary experience, forges new connections, brings new audiences, and gives an opportunity to many artists not only from the area of performance design but also all other related fields to share the newest ideas and most current reflections of our world today. There is an open call to performance designers, directors, choreographers, performers and artists to bring their performances inspired by PQ site and Prague locations where performance design plays integral role and works that could change the regular patterns of the daily city life into a series of memorable moments.The festival is both an incubator and a forecaster of new trends in performance.

The Site Specific Performance Festival will take place outdoors in the Prague Exhibition Grounds 7-15 June 2019. These grounds appear to be a jumbled, aesthetically confused place where successive regimes have randomly placed buildings, structures or landscapes on top of one another to represent their view of leisure or culture. It is an inspiring site that rewards investigation into the archaeology and hidden traces of its uses and history. Proposals are accepted from performance designers, directors, choreographers, performers and artists of all career levels. The particular interest of the curators will be design-led site-specific performances that respond to the specificity of the Prague Exhibition Grounds, although site-generic works, that can happen in many different environments or in any similar environment to this one, will also be considered.

While excited to offer a platform for this work, PQ cannot cover the expenses or production costs for every participating artist or company, who will need to be self funded. However, the Prague Quadrennial will contribute to the expenses of a small number of endeavors that the curatorial team feels is most in the spirit of the artistic statement. This contribution can be used at the discretion of the artists (including travels etc.)

Deadline: 28 February 2018

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