VERTIGO > Call for artistic residencies

VERTIGO is a project supported by the H2020 STARTS programme of the European Commission. Its purpose is to organise artistic collaborations with R&D projects that target innovation.

The call is open to artists willing to collaborate with partners of an R&D ICT-Project in order to develop, in particular through the production of an original artwork based on its technology, a fresh approach to its innovation challenges.

Process of application

  • Choose the R&D ICT-Project you want to collaborate with from a list of available projects;

  • Present your artistic work including your bio and selected works;

  • Describe the artwork you propose to produce for the selected R&D ICT-Project and its production workplan;

  • Should you need additional resources other than those provided by the grant or/and by the R&D ICT-Project, you may apply with a third-party (Producer) committed to support your artistic production. The arrangements must be agreed in advance between the Artist and the Producer so that they apply together to the residency call. A starting list of institutions open to collaborating with artists is available. This list is not exhaustive: artists can apply with a Producer of their choice not present in the list.


  • All parties involved in a selected residency will sign a co-production contract.

  • Residencies will start from September 2018 and their process will be followed by a VERTIGO partner.

  • Upon completion, VERTIGO will contribute to the public exposure of the produced artworks and other residencies’ outcomes through its dissemination channels, including the vertigo.starts.eu online platform, a yearly public event at Centre Pompidou and the Network of Artistic Correspondents.

Deadline: 2 March 2018

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