FIS - Future Innovators Summit TOKYO (Japan)

“Tokyo as Laboratory of the Future” is the theme of the FIS–Future Innovators Summit TOKYO that Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc. and Ars Electronica are hosting May 25-27, 2018 at TOKYO Midtown Atrium.

The search is on now …
… for artists, designers, scientists, engineers, social activists and entrepreneurs from throughout the world who would like to become members of interdisciplinary teams jointly developing key questions dealing with Tokyo’s future.

What is the FIS–Future Innovators Summit TOKYO?
At the Ars Electronica Tokyo Initiative’s FIS–Future Innovators Summit TOKYO, discussions of the future of Japan’s capital will focus on three issues:

  • DEATH-LIFE in Tokyo

    What is life and death in a city with the fastest aging society?

  • TECH-SKIN in Tokyo

    What would be the future of fashion and body borne in a city embracing the world’s most advanced technology? 


    What could be the future relations of individuals and public in a mega-city with no common space?

Teams of five participants each will convene in workshops to consider these three issues and develop missions and new questions that lead to more profound insights into these topics. There will also be a concluding presentation. Accompanying the discussions will be exhibitions of projects by participating innovators and prototypes of the future of a wide array of enterprises.

Travel and accommodation will be funded. 

Deadline: 28 February 2018. 

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