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AIR Wro is a programme of residencies, study visits and international cooperation that is a part of Culture Zone Wrocław. The goal of AIR Wro is to support and promote the activities of artists representing various fields of culture and art, who are interested in cooperation with representatives of local communities and circles, as well as those willing to build international cultural relations.

Culture-Ecological Association Filtrator and Culture Zone Wrocław within the framework of AIR Wro  Programme are jointly launching a call for a residency in Sokołowsko in Lower Silesia, Poland. Residency is dedicated to designers, makers and artists active in the field of community projects, education and sustainable development as a part of promoting a civic attitude towards the local environment.

Sokołowsko is a former health resort with a rich history of treating lung diseases using clean and cold mountain air. What used to be one of the greatest assets and resources of the city today is one of its basic problems. The specific location in the valley, combined with the heating season, often envelops the entire town with thick smog.

At the same time, there is a rich tradition of social participation in the village, and in the sanatorium past, there was a metalworking workshop, where the residents and patients actively worked on the basis of art therapy. Although the workshop has long finished functioning, the effects of its work are still visible in Sokołowsko at every step - in the form of unique signs, lettering, balustrades, fences or lanterns. 

Pralnia Makerspace partially continues these traditions. Using both traditional techniques and crafts as well as modern technologies, it is an open workshop located in the heart of the town. Pralnia is a place of cooperation, creating, learning and sharing knowledge, where ideas are transformed into real products.

The aim of the project is to make the inhabitants of Sokołowsko and Lower Silesia aware of how big the threat to sustainable development and ecology is the polluted air. By finding reference points in the past times of Sokołowsko, the organisers want to create a space for the resident artist to hook up the topics related with the quality of life in the town, offering him/her a range of equipment to create means of expression. Using his/her experience in working in similar spaces, the resident will have the opportunity to cooperate with the local community to develop a message or social campaign aimed at educating and activating inhabitants in the field of taking care of the quality of their nearest environment.

Are covered: travel costs, accomodation, funds for materials, a fee or daily allowance up to the amount of 3000 PLN, access to equipment such as: screen printing, RISO, 3D printing, CNC technology and electronics.

Deadline: 19 February 2018

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