OPEN CALL/MAKERS IN RESIDENCE ~ reinterpreting the living city through art and design in public space ~ RAUM, The Netherlands

RAUM is a  public exhibition square in Utrecht of more than 40,000 m2: Berlijnplein. They use the power of art and design to involve people in the living, growing city. With makers and audiences they are building a program of installations and events that pique our curiosity. Together they look for new insights for a multifaceted and multicolored city through cultural experiment. 

The maker-in-residency program gives you, as a maker, the space to represent your vision of that living city, in a grand work in a public space. 

Interaction between people and their environment is of vital essence for a living, bustling city. In 2030, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. In short term, Utrecht (fourth largest city of The Netherlands) will grow to 400,000 inhabitants. RAUM is a place between the old and the new: its square is located in the geographical heart of Utrecht on top of the remnants of the Roman Empire, but surrounded by freshly baked clinkers and freshly paved asphalt. To the right is the historic city center, to the left the largest new residential area in the Netherlands: Leidsche Rijn. Nowhere is the contrast between the old and the new world bigger: that’s why the initiators of this space have chosen Berlijnplein as our location.

Among other cost are covered: A stipend of € 300 (self-employed) or € 400 (collective) per week if you are at least two days a week in residence. This stipend is intended for subsistence, like for instance groceries, travel costs from home and from the Makershuis to suppliers or appointments, and so on. For example: if you work on your project for a total of four weeks in the Makershuis, you will receive € 1200 as a freelancer or € 1600 as a collective. If you work at home, you will not receive a stipend.

Deadline: 18 February 2018

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