Metropolis Residencies 2018 – call for artists (Denmark)

Metropolis Residency is a unique international urban residency programme in Copenhagen aimed at performing artists with an interdisciplinary approach, researching, creating and producing in public space and the public realm.

In 2018, Metropolis organises three residencies of one month. Each residency will have a specific focus and each residency will be for five participants.

June 2018:
Engaging the City
Participatory creative processes and engaging and involving local residents and citizens.

Medio July – medio Aug. 2018:
Walking the City
Navigating and exploring places, memories and narratives of the city.

Medio Aug – medio Sept. 2018:
Balancing the City
Circus arts contextualised by space, architecture and flow of the city.


Each residency will have 5 participants – 4 international and 1 Danish – but only one artist per company/project can participate.

All participants are expected to spend the entire month in Copenhagen.

It is important that you can work independently, but that you are at the same time open to collaborate and share with the other participants.

The residency programme is mainly aimed at artists in the early phases of idea, concept and project development. A residency does not automatically lead to a presentation of a possible future creation in Metropolis. However, Metropolis will be introduced to your research and work.

The residencies are aimed both at artists already working in public space and at artists interested in exploring their practice in a site-specific context. Both emerging and experienced artists are welcome to apply. A genuine interest for site-specific creation is crucial.

Financial support:

The residency programme is free of charge

The organisers provide a shared studio space for the group of 5 and necessary materials/equipment

The organisers cover your travel to and from Copenhagen, provide accommodation, food, a bike and insurance and guarantee you a minimum bursary. 

The organisers will support any applications by you to secure additional funding.

Deadline: 1 February 2018

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