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The Fondation provides financial support for the realization of artist projects that are inscribed within a social initiative. The call for project is directed towards artists proposing a project in collaboration with a group of people living in conditions of vulnerability (precariousness, hospitalisation, adolescence and suffering, disability, imprisonment, isolation, etc.).

The Fondation’s support seeks to create bridges between worlds that rarely meet, to expand the scope of artistic creation by addressing vulnerable people who do not have access to art for economic, cultural or social reasons.
These projects will be « social sculptures » (Joseph Beuys), in which the gaze of the artist(s) and that of each person in the group will encounter and echo one another in the space of creation, sharing and transmission of this artistic dialogue.

This call for projects is directed to artists (one or several artists in the case of a collaboration or an artist collective), regardless of their nationality and place of residence.
Artists must choose the group of people living in conditions of vulnerability with whom they wish to co-create. Prior social work experience is not required but may be a plus for applicants. Having said that, in order for their project to be considered, artists must contact an association or institution and obtain from the latter a letter stating that it agrees to work with the artist(s) on the proposed project. The exact theme of the project is open but projects must remain within the fields of visual arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, video, photography) and/or dance.
The piece(s) created and developed with the support of the Fondation may be later presented to the public within the context of an exhibition, possibly accompanied by a fundraising event.

Deadline: 24 March 2018

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