Common Ground - training in socially engaged art tools - Open call (Ireland and Hungary)

Common Ground, a training in socially engaged art tools is a 1-year long part-time programme comprising 3 residential and an online stage taking place in Budapest, Hungary, and Cork, Ireland, from February 2018 to February 2019 initiated by the Firestarter Network and developed by Makeshift Ensemble (IRL), Artemisszió Alapítvány (HUN) and Postmodernsquare (FIN).

Common Ground is a training and research project focussing on approaches to working and engaging meaningfully with local communities of place within the internationalised, migratory professional practices of both international youth work and the arts. The project will “twin” two multi-cultural, inner city streets and communities in Cork and Budapest that will serve as the location as well as the subject of the training allowing to explore, through artistic tools, the questions: Who are your neighbours? Whose street is this anyway? How can you leave again? Bringing together participants from different backgrounds, the aim is to develop strategies and explore methodologies within the broader frame of socially engaged art with a specific focus on 'parachute strategies' to engage with local communities.

The aim is to equip the participants with a broad understanding of tools and practices, develop their skills and awareness and allow them to learn by doing while also providing support, mentorship as well as skills-based workshops. Having the experience of working in two different countries on similar streets will also give the participants the opportunity to understand the international dimension of working locally.

This training is aimed specifically for participants resident in Hungary, Ireland, Serbia, Finland, Greece and Portugal who work with young people under 30 and have a background in either socially engaged art, public art, urban design intervention, documentary film, participatory arts and/or social work, youth work, community organising, activism or cultural anthropology, and already have some professional experience in their fields and a genuine interest and openness to explore the intersection of art and the social in a cross-disciplinary environment.

Successful applicants will be required to pay a €30 / training participation fee.
Travel, accommodation and meals during the training will be provided. Please note that the organisers will only be able to reimburse travel up to a certain limit defined per country by the European Commission.

Deadline: 26 December 2017

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