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Trans Europe Halles (TEH°  has been connecting and supporting non-governmental cultural centres for 35 years. During this time, we and our dozens of members have gathered very valuable knowledge and expertise on how to transform abandoned industrial buildings and areas into vibrant cultural hubs. In the last few years we have made this expertise available through different projects and services.

In the framework of our project Factories of Imagination (2017-2021), TEH is addressing a growing demand: to support civil society initiatives in repurposing post-industrial buildings for cultural and social uses. This demand is exceptionally strong in certain areas of Europe, such as the Balkans, Eastern Partnership and Southern Mediterranean countries.

Being true to our mission to strengthen the sustainable development of non-governmental cultural centres and encourage new initiatives, we are launching our new Startup Support Programme. The programme aims to assist leaders of civil society organisations in their endeavour to set up cultural centres in repurposed buildings.

What does the Startup Support Programme do?
From 2017 to 2021, the Startup Support Programme will invest in bringing emergent cultural centres to their next level of development through:

– Expert consultation and coaching for the centres’ leaders.

– Study visits to our most iconic and relevant member centres.

– Peer-to-peer learning activities involving other emerging centres.

– Special networking activities during our Conferences and Meetings.

– Inspirational case studies of centres in the startup phase.

What is offered:

TEH is offering the following:

– A scoping visit of two international experts to your centre. The aim of this visit is to determine the scope of the consulting collaboration with Trans Europe Halles. After the scoping visit, a group of selected consultants will work with you to address your main challenges. These may include developing a strategic plan, redefining your governance model, renovating your building, writing a viability plan, etc.

– A situation analysis and organisational diagnosis.

– Matchmaking and visit to other Trans Europe Halles centres.

– Coaching from TEH consultants until August 2018.

– Your case to be included in a publication about the programme.

– Access to a vibrant community of like-minded organisations in Europe.

– Become a TEH Associate for 2 years.

Deadline: 28 January 2018

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