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ECHANGEUR22 is a non-profit association that supports emerging contemporary artists along with a residency programme that aims tobring together artists from different countries and cultures,with a focus onencouraging artistic encounters.The objective of the residency is to encourage artists who share a common language to create or experiment together. It offers them technical and financial means to test, produce and develop new ideas with a transcultural dimension, while establishing strong links with the host area through various activities, such as workshops and public conferences.

ECHANGEUR22 launches its 4rd edition of art residence. 

L'ECHANGEUR22 will host 4 residents simultaneously 3 artists minimum and one author or curator or critic.

 During the residency, artists will be asked to question their own work according to the notion of circulation and mobility in art, in anticipation of a possible participation in the MOBILITY project developed by E22, project of mobile residencies and exhibitions between Rio and Tokyo.

The residency is for professional, established or young artists in the following disciplines: Digital/sound art, visual art, art criticism/curators.


- a budget of 500 to 1000 euros of production for the period of residence (under condition of obtaining subsidy)

- Accommodation in an artist's workshop 

- A transportation allowance (reimbursement of actual costs on presentation of invoices).

Deadline (extended): 4 March 2018

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