Surprising Stars! - GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE project

The Stichting Musonia Foundation and EMCY are happy to announce the launch of Surprising Star, one activity of GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE project, co-funded by the culture program Creative Europe of the European Union.

The Stichting Musonia Foundation has published a call for musicians (under 26 years) from all over Europe to make a YouTube movie that surprises! The competitors may play everything except the classical repertoire or bring the classical repertoire in a new format.  Jazz, improvisation, mixing different arts, playing with a DJ, music mixes with words, creative presentations etc. are welcome!

The prize for the best competitors is a performance opportunity in Amsterdam, including travel costs and a fee. Dutch TV and national radios already signalized strong interest in streaming this concert. 

Online voting will be from8 December until 31 December 2017. 

Deadline: 1 December 2017

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