Call for proposals – ‘Freedom of the Body’ (Luxembourg)

FRIDAY ISLAND is looking for artists (from Luxembourg and abroad) working in any medium (performing arts, fine arts, video/film, literature, etc.) for its next event, February 23rd, 2018 – Theme: FREEDOM OF THE BODY. 

‘Unité Vivo’ is one of the housing structures of Solidarité Jeunes, an association active in the social and educational domain, whose goal is helping children and young adults in some kind of social or family difficulties. The Friday Island – ‘Freedom of the Body’ venue will be the underground car park of the housing structure ‘Unité Vivo’.                         

Pictures of the event’s venue can be asked by sending an email to contact@fridayisland.net

The theme of the event is FREEDOM OF THE BODY. The theme should be approached in a critical way in relation to social/political/philosophical perspectives. The artistic contributions can take any form of expression as long as they question the theme and suggest a non-conform point of view.

The artists will receive a remuneration of 600,- euro per artistic contribution, travel refund to Luxembourg City up to 150,- euro are also available upon request. Accommodations for three nights will be provided by the organisation.

Deadline: 22 December 2017

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