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The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Blinken OSA) at Central european University, (www.osaarchivum.org) one of the initiators of the open Access movement awards a fellowship each year either to an unconventional technology expert early in his/her career, or a scholar or activist working at the intersection of humanities, social sciences and technology studies or technological solutions. The fellowship is principally intended for those, with or without degree, who have strong practical skills in developing technological tools to make knowledge and data broadly available to the public; who have an interest in challenging information management practices in libraries and archives; who are ready to contribute to building innovative visual taxonomies or catalogs based on unorthodox ideas; and who can challenge the control of information by governments and publishers to promote civil liberties and online activism.

The 2018 primary focus of the Aaron Swartz fellowship:

  • proofs of concept on authenticating digital or digitized documents for scholarly or legal evidence and validation of research in the networked environment of information. The organisers would like to invite a fellow who works on technical and/or epistemological problems related to authenticating evidence.

  • proofs of concept on redefining classical cataloging work with the help of emerging machine learning technologies (data classification, neural networks); implementing a recommendation model; predicting the possible sufficient metadata towards automatic cataloging; generating a new kind of research experience through analysis of user behavior and usage statistics.

Recipients will be supported for 3 months, starting (if possible) on March 1, 2018 or the latest september 1, 2018. Fellows will conduct their research at the Blinken osA in Budapest. During this time they will work on their research topic which combines technology, humanities and social science perspectives. Blinken osA offers one $10,000 fellowship and contribution towards travel costs on an individual needs basis.

Deadline: 31 December 2017

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