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Within the recently inaugurated international residency program, MNAC Bucharest -The National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania relaunches its annual call for proposals, addressing experts in the visual culture, who are seeking to work in and around the museum for a time frame spanning from 3 to 6 months.

Re-constructing MNAC is a multifaceted research and knowledge production program addressed to international art professionals, which fosters multi-disciplinary perspectives on museological and institutional developments, as well as strategies for (re)framing the museum's mission within contemporary society and forging new understandings of Romanian art in a regional and international context.

The museum is looking for international curators with a broad crosscultural vision, manifesting an interest in Eastern and Central European Art, with good command of English and good communication skills. Team work or at least a close exchange between residents is preferred. The residents should be able to spend the whole time frame in Romania.

A budget with an orientation benchmark of 7000 Euro for the envisioned exhibition project will be negotiated and detailed towards the end of the residency.

Deadline: 7 January 2018

Find all the details in the attached document.